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Luxury Real Estate Market Sherri Anne Green Selected for Premier Global Luxury Real Estate Membership in REALM™ REALM’s Elite Members Create Strategic Connections in Service to Discerning Clients Through Innovative Network WASHINGTON, DC (September 21, 2022) – REALM™ proudly announces that Sherri Anne Green of Coldwell Banker Realty in Washington, DC has become a member of the world’s premiere luxury real estate membership community. “It is an honor to be chosen as […]
Living in Washington DC The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate Sherri Anne was recently interviewed by the podcast Estate of Mind: The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate. The podcast is a production of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing of which Sherri Anne is a member.   As a luxury real estate agent in Washington, DC, Sherri Anne has taken resources provided by her […]
Buying a House Wellness in the Luxury Home Home is now like a swiss army knife. We do everything at home–working, living, entertaining, schooling. So why not experiencing wellness? Brought on by an increased awareness of how the live, and how a home impacts overall wellbeing, the luxury homeowner is taking a keen interest in how their home impacts their overall wellness. wellness […]
Buying a House Tends Influencing High End Living Around the Globe Are the affluent in Paris or Buenos Aires motivated by forces similar to those happening in New York or Los Angeles, or different ones? Cultural differences, as well as a country’s local economic picture, COVID-19 rates and travel restrictions have all shaped the real estate landscape in global cities outside of the United States to […]
Buying a House Luxury Market Trends & Preferences: Luxury Market suffer or succeed these last two years? How have the last two years shaped overall trends in Luxury Real Estate. Is it selling, how quickly, what do we expect for the future? In this video and the others in this playlist, I address the luxury real estate market. What happened, what are the predictions, who is the luxury buyer, what does a […]
Buying a House Luxury Buyer Trends 2020-2022 | Are Their Preferences Different? Real estate is the talk of kitchen tables, the news, and with neighbors. And the luxury market is intriguing to those who purchase and even those who don’t. What did the Luxury Real Estate Buyer look like in the past two years? What trends and preferences did we see and will those continue? In this […]
Buying a House Luxury Real Estate | What Happened 2020-2022? Real estate gets a lot of attention as people talk about what’s been happening around kitchen tables, on the news, and with neighbors. The rise in prices, the rise in the number of cash purchases, and the need for more or different spaces at home has traversed all price points in real estate. But how […]
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