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The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate

Sherri Anne was recently interviewed by the podcast Estate of Mind: The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate. The podcast is a production of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing of which Sherri Anne is a member.
As a luxury real estate agent in Washington, DC, Sherri Anne has taken resources provided by her membership in the Institute and turned them into valuable pieces of content she can share with her clients. The Institute learned of her creative idea to turn The Luxury Market Report into a 4 part video series for her YouTube Channel and asked for an interview with Sherri Anne to learn more.
Sherri Anne had this to day regarding the project, “The Luxury Market Report is one of the most valuable resources available for luxury real estate professionals, and is provided only to Agents who are members of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Converting facts and figures into storytelling video content is one of the best ways to share knowledge gained from this comprehensive report. This valuable content will help my clients by providing valuable content that will help them make informed decisions based on current luxury market data, conditions, and trends.”
As a Trusted Advisor in real estate, Sherri Anne is a go-to source for real-estate-related answers to a variety of questions, and the go-to source for solutions to a variety of real-estate-related problems. This series adds to that knowledge base she shares with her clients.
Listen to the podcast episode here.
In this episode of Estate of Mind, Tami Simms is joined by Sherri Anne Green, an award-winning Washington, D.C. area luxury real estate professional and Institute GUILD™ Member. In part one of our two-part series about winning luxury listings, the pair discusses the benefits of utilizing market reports to create data-driven content for leveraging one’s name and creating greater brand recognition.
– [08:28] Using Real Estate Resources to Help Differentiate Yourself
– [11:50] Breaking Down Market Reports to Create Digestible Content
– [14:00] Maximizing Your Time Through Outsourcing Talent
– [19:30] Is the Return on Investment Worth the Initial Cost?
– [23:25] Valuable Insights from the Luxury Market Report
– [32:40] Closing Thoughts with Sherri Anne Green
Topics and Questions You’ll Uncover During this Episode:
  • How important is brand recognition in luxury real estate?
  • Building brand recognition with data-driven content.
  • Why capitalizing on readily available resources is so important.
  • Where can real estate professionals find credible resources?