A Vision from Start to Finish 

I Go Beyond Selling Real Estate, I Sell a Vision. 

Selling your home is more than just listing it. It's about creating a vision of what your house is, and can be, to potential buyers. I'll develop an entire vision to list your home so we promote it accurately and to the right potential buyers.

Today, reaching the right buyer for your property involves sophisticated marketing. The days of simply relying on another agent to show your property are over. Consumers are researching on their phones, laptops, and other mobile devices. They then turn to their agent for further information, guidance, and a showing.

To reach the prospective buyers, you need a custom marketing plan directly targeted to the right buyer audience. Modern marketing is all about telling a story and repeating that story over multiple touch points. When I list your house, I uncover the story of your property--its vision if you will. It’s a vision about your home—what it is and what it could be, the kind of lifestyle your home represents in style and design, your perfect buyer—and I develop a custom marketing plan to tell that story to just the right audience. Buyers buy more than a house, they buy a home that illustrates where their life is going and where they want it to go.

​When I list your home, or help you find the right one to purchase, I work  on your terms, providing impeccable, high-touch service tailored to your unique situation. Because listing a home for sale is more than selling, it is parting with a piece of your life's history. And buying a home can be emotional and exciting. You need a guide and counselor who will be there every step of the way.

Getting Ready to Sell?

Sherri Anne Green's Seller Guide If you are getting ready to sell your home, you need to download my Getting Ready guide. I wrote the guide to help sellers get their home ready to sell in 30 days or less because sometimes that is all the time you have to prepare. The Guide is a complete plan to help you get ready to sell from start to finish. It is full of helpful hints, check lists, and  strategies to help you understand the process and prepare your home to maximize. your sale. Click the image below to be directed to the download. Want to talk through selling your home? Schedule a time to talk at my calendar and complete the Seller Questionnaire here so I am prepared for our discussion.            



When It's Time to Purchase

Sherri Anne Green Buyer Guide Book I work with you to create your new vision of home. There are lots of terms to know and an entire process to understand. It can be a lot to think about and prepare for. I onboard my buyer clients with a personalized consultation where we go over the process and discuss your needs and talk through how to layer on your wants. We will outline strategies to help present a successful offer, discuss lenders who can offer impeccable loan products, and hone in on the areas to search in so we are not touring homes in neighborhoods that just will not work. My Buyer Handbook entitled Vision Guide will provide valuable information to help remind you of the steps we will go through to purchase your new home. Want your own copy of my Buyer Guide? Schedule your onboarding meeting at my calendar and complete the Buyer Questionnaire form here so I am well prepared for our chat.